Picking up litter

Today me and the little guy went to the local park and cleaned up some trash we found on the trail! It’s so awesome to see your kid helping out cleaning up the earth and actually being excited about it! He loved it!




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A couple pics from geocaching.

Just a couple of pictures from geocaching today that I wanted to share.

I thought this one was neat it was under a bridge with water running beside it. I ran into a few briars but all is well.


And while my Aunt, Cousin and I were searching for another we came across this STOP sign and cracked up. I only wish I knew the story behind it!



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Whit, Lily and, I went geocaching for the first time Thursday after work! We are absolutely hooked now. We nabbed our first two on the Miller bypass and the third over by CCHS! At first we didn’t know what to look for or what a geocache even looked like! But after reading the description again and rethinking about placement, we grabbed our first ones right at sunset, here is a picture of me and Miss Lily on our second find!


After 4 straight days and 15 caches later, I think it’s safe to say we have caught the caching bug!


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Laurel-Snow Falls Trail

After a recommendation from a friend, we decided to go hiking in Dayton, Tennessee at the Laurel Falls/Snow Falls Trail this Saturday. We started out from home where it was snowing like crazy and there was still snow on the ground in some places. Getting closer into Dayton, the snow had stopped and the ground was getting more green by the mile. We had dressed for snow and shortly after we got there, had to shed a few layers of clothes. and, we didn’t even need gloves!!!

This neat abandoned coal mine was shortly after you started on the trail. I ventured inside about eight feet and realized that I might have a bit of a fear of small, dark places.(also, I look like a giant next to my vertically challenged friend)

Here are the rest of the pictures in no particular order…

An awesome rock I climbed up. The view on the other side was awesome, unfortunately I didn’t have a camera or phone with me in case I fell in the river when I climbed up the rock.


This is so neat. Big rock in the middle of the river. 5

Whit sitting out on a rock checking out the scenery. It was so gorgeous! 6 7 10This rock really got me wondering how it ended up this way. Completely mind-boggling. 12 14 15There were rock walls all along the trail. Up the hill and down below the trail for reinforcements as well. 21Checking out the mine. 23 25 26 27Another mind-boggling rock. 28I climbed up this big rock and got this awesome shot of Whit crossing the frozen river below. 29 30 71507_10152882542429298_2147096134_nTaking a break with and awesome view of the river.   1507690_10152882562979298_709961781_n 1545575_10152882522414298_666300696_nA little climbing. 1618662_10152882542309298_944840186_n 1689337_10152882560009298_139578369_nGoPro selfie! 1779802_10152882541254298_1034930321_nWhit hanging out on the rock with her walking stick she found!!! Such an awesome view!!!1557527_10152882562644298_1042230996_n

Right after the split. A cool little hole that kinda looked like a swimming hole.


An awesome GoPro shot of the cascades right after the split that either takes you to Laurel Falls or Snow Falls.


Me climbing around a little bit. It was so neat!


All-in-all this was about the coolest place I have ever been and we didn’t even complete the trail! The sun was starting to go down on us and we didn’t wanna get locked in since they close the gate at sunset and wont let anyone out after. So, we went a little ways after the spilt and turned around and booked it out. There was so much to see and so much to climb and goof around on. There are little places to crawl through, challenging climbing spots, and lots of photo-ops. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a scenic adventure and I will definitely be back soon!


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The Warrior Dash


Our very first adventure was the Warrior Dash in Pulaski, TN, and man, was it fun! After, mud, sweat, and thankfully no tears, we finished it covered from head to toe! After 3.2 miles and 12 obstacles, we had done it and proudly earned our Warrior Dash medal, free beer and Viking hat!!! Can’t wait for next years event.

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